4 New Reasons to visit Color Factory NYC

This summer, we spent some time updating a few exhibits at Color Factory NYC. We’re ready for you to come back and experience the magic!

  1. Lobby. When we opened in 2018, we commissioned Queens-based poet Won McIntosh to write 10 poems – one for each of the 10 colors in our NYC color palette. Before, these poems were printed straight onto the wall. Now, we’ve installed a new wall exhibit that allows you to interact with the poems in a fresh new way. As you turn the 10 cubes, you can now see: the physical color, the photo where it was found, the color name, and the poem inspired by that hue.

In addition, when we opened in 2018, the Color Factory team walked up and down the entire length of Manhattan and found inspiring colors on every single street. Now, we’ve changed the mural in our entry to reflect these 265 colors. You can read about each one via a QR code situated on the adjacent wall.

2. Confetti Accumulation. One of our all-time, most popular rooms is Confetti Accumulation. We launched this idea in our original, San Francisco location. Now, we’re bringing it to NYC as well! The colors in the room are inspired by the seasonal colors of Central Park. Now, in summer, the walls are green (and the confetti is made up of bright, happy colors!) But, as the seasons change, so will the room colors… what colors do you think we have in mind for FALL?

3. RGBNYC. Not everything is as it seems… This new exhibit was designed by artist duo Carnovsky and¬†gives guests a whole new perspective of this beloved city. As the lights change, so do the illustrations on the walls! What will you find?

Colors: A-Z. A long-time fan favorite, designed together with Kassia St Clair, this room was due for a refresh. Spin the circles to learn the funny histories behind 26 of our favorite hues (each connected with a letter of the alphabet!)

Want to see MORE for yourself? Book tickets now via our website RIGHT HERE!

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