Announcing a New, Rose-Colored Perspective

Starting today in Houston, you’re invited to experience “Through Rose-Colored Glasses” – a collaborative, interactive installation that encourages you to discover and appreciate life’s simple joys.

Designed in partnership with artists Ainsley Rose Romero & Eric Friedensohn, this room is more than meets the eye. Upon entry, you might think you’re surrounded by a giant, pink checkerboard, but once you slip on some rose-colored glasses, you’ll uncover a hidden, magical layer. All it takes is a slight shift in perspective. What will you discover with your new rosy outlook? 

After you’ve taken it all in, we’ll invite you to share your own rose-colored moment from the week by writing or doodling on tablets in the room. Our artists will choose their favorite moments to be featured in the future, so you could become part of the piece!

CLICK HERE to purchase tickets and experience “Through Rose-Colored Glasses” for yourselves!

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