Behind the Scenes: Color Factory Photoshoots

If you’re here reading our blog, odds are you’ve seen some of our color-filled photos highlighting the different Color Factory installations. While those photos are beautiful, there’s a LOT that goes into curating the perfect photo. Follow along as we walk you through our process! 

One Month Before Shoot Day 

Once we decide we’re in need of some new content, the next step is making sure we have models to fill the photos! We love finding local models, but that can take some time. About a month before the shoot, we post to our media channels about an open model call. Over the next week or so, we receive anywhere between 10 and 50 emails from YOU! We love seeing photos for potential models and putting faces to a few of our followers. We work out scheduling and pick out four to six models that fit our upcoming shoot best, then confirm sizes and timing.  We wish we could select all of the models that reach out, but don’t get discouraged if we do not contact you! Shoots are a common part of Color Factory, so there will be more! 

Two Weeks Before the Shoot

Next, we need to make sure we have the right look for the shoot. How do we accomplish that? Outfits, of course! Our Marketing Coordinator, McCall, creates a pinterest board with outfit inspiration to send over to Alison, (our CMO!). Alison then determines which clothing fits the shoot best then places the order. Shipments can occasionally be delayed, especially during the COVID era, so this process can be a bit stressful. 

*Story time!: In June of 2021, one of our shipments didn’t arrive in NYC on time, so McCall and Alison had to do a quick in-person shopping spree to make sure the team had enough options for shoot day! While this may sound fun, it actually feels quite stressful- and it’s an extremely physically demanding task. Who said carrying shopping bags wasn’t a workout? We beg to differ! 

One Week Before the Shoot 

Once clothes are ordered, we need to communicate our “vision” to the team. A week before the shoot, we send a mood board over to our photographer and team to make sure everyone has the same idea for the upcoming shoot. This mood board includes previous images from Color Factory shoots, inspiration pictures from other photographers, pictures of the areas being shot, and various outfit options. 

One Day Before the Shoot 

Z Usually, the clothing is pretty wrinkly so they spend time organizing and steaming the clothes to make sure they’re photo-ready for the models. Time is spent putting final outfits together, making sure we have enough sizes, and organizing all accessories. We do a quick walk-through of the spaces scheduled to be photographed and make sure everything looks clean and ready for the  day!

The Day of the Shoot! 

Shoot days typically start early. (At our recent shoot in Houston, McCall arrived at Color Factory at 7:45 am to make sure everything was ready for the day!) Our amazing photographer arrives about an hour later to start setting up their equipment and do a quick walk through of Color Factory. During this time, the photographer and the team spend some time discussing goals, visions, and different needs of the shoot for the coming day.  

Our models arrive shortly after. We spend time getting them styled and fitted, then begin the photoshoot. The models pose and have fun while the photographer works their magic. 

This part of the shoot is always super fun; the models are bubbly, the team is excited, and the energy is always a 10/10! We try different angles, styles, outfits, and ideas to ensure we have the perfect photo. This process is typically repeated a few times throughout the 8-hour day – just with different locations and models. This process takes alllll day, but results in thousands of beautiful images to choose from! 

After the Shoot 

Once we officially wrap the shoot, it’s time to clean up! We then eagerly wait to receive the photos from our photographer. Alison chooses her absolute FAVORITES, (which is a hard task when we have over 3,000 photos to work with!), and those photos get sent back to the editing board to make sure they’re PERFECT. After the editing process is complete, we’re ready to share our photos with you!!

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