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Color Factory Chicago

Color Factory is an interactive art museum located on the lower level of Willis Tower. Visitors are invited to experience the joy of color through interactive installations, immersive rooms and carefully curated moments inspired by the city of Chicago. Color Factory collaborates with artists, art institutions, nonprofits and brand partners to tell compelling stories that make life a little more joyful.

A peek at some of the immersive experiences inside Color Factory Chicago

Have a ball

Inspired by the city’s St. Patricks’s Day traditions as well as notable sites and sights like Chicago’s Lakefront Trail, baseball fields and the oldest L line , our custom green ball pit is a joy whether you’re 2 or 200.

Get Lost in Color

Artist Camille Walala’s 1,500 square foot maze features carefully chosen colors and patterns inspired by Chicago architecture.

Sound the Spectrum

In “Bright Noise” by Yuri Suzuki, a chorus of horns invites you to examine the connection between what we see and what we hear.

Delightful moments included with every visit


Honeydew ice cream from Kurimu


Artist-Designed Keepsakes

Artists & Collaborators

Color Factory brings together diverse artists and creatives to celebrate color and conceptualize the unexpected. Our Chicago roster of creative collaborators includes:


Liz West

A UK-based visual artist whose work combines color and light to heighten sensory awareness.


Edra Soto

A Puerto-Rican born, Chicago-based artist, curator and educator who will be highlighting our city color palette in a fresh way.


Christine Wong Yap

A visual artist who explores the dimensions of psychological wellbeign such as belonging, resilience, interdependence and collaboration.


Tomislav Topic (Quintessenz)

A once-graffiti artist, whose art in urban spaces is a lively discourse of different color structures.


Color Factory Chicago is located inside Catalog at Willis Tower. It is accessible via the Blue, Brown, Orange, Pink, Purple and Red Lines on the ‘L’. It is also near the Ogilvie Transportation Center as well as Union Station.

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