COVID-19 Protocols: How we’re setting the standard for safety

As we all know, the past year has centered around sanitization, health, and keeping everyone as safe as possible. We’ve all sacrificed in an effort to do our part to keep those around us healthy, and Color Factory is no different. As an experiential exhibit, Color Factory knew a lot would need to be done in order to confidently reopen our doors with safety as the top priority. In this post, we’ll go through our safety protocols, why we chose to make and maintain these changes, and how you can do your part. 

It’s no secret that life changed for everyone when the pandemic hit. Constant hand washing became a necessity, face masks were such a staple they began to match outfits, and businesses closed because of the close contact they caused. Color Factory unfortunately fell among those businesses who had to temporarily shut their doors. Since the beginning, we’ve actively been thinking of how to effectively reopen while maintaining top-tier levels of safety and cleanliness for our guests and employees. We determined, “Color Factory is committed to sharing joy through color in a completely clean, safe, and healthy environment”, and implemented industry-leading changes that slowly (but surely!) helped us once again open up our doors for all to enjoy. 

Before welcoming guests, we needed to ensure all the changes on-site were made, and this started with sanitization. By using unique up-and-coming technology along with thorough routines, we’ve almost perfected our sanitization.

What does effective sanitation look like? 

We started out by installing UV lights with ultraviolet sensors inside our HVAC systems to continually purify the air as it’s going through the building. By running these consistently throughout the day, we can ensure clean air is moving through the rooms at all times. Additionally to the air being cleaned through the HVAC, we implemented state-of-the-art technology that dispenses antimicrobial vapor, decontaminating and purifying our rooms throughout the day. 

Our lobby and rooms are filled with social-distance markers to make sure you can 

enjoy Color Factory safely distanced from others. 

Color Factory is interactive, which means it has a lot of “high touch” areas. By adding self-cleaning film to these high traffic areas along with immediately disinfecting the areas after use, we can confidently say we can safely maintain the interactive aspect of Color Factory. We have a dedicated team assigned and committed to disinfecting areas that need it most using disinfectants proven to kill the COVID-19 virus. 

What exhibit changes were made? 

Along with sanitization precautions, we made sure to implement some changes in each exhibit to make it safe, distanced, and clean for everyone. Each location now has 14 hand sanitizer stations throughout the venue. We strongly encourage visitors to use them when they can to help stop the spread. Features such as plexiglass walls and social distancing markers have helped keep guests near each other, but at a safe distance. 

Part of Color Factory that is greatly loved by all are the amazing treats and goodies you get to enjoy throughout the experience. While serving food is difficult, we found a way to make sure the food could be taken home with you in pre-packaged casing (even for the ice cream!) to be enjoyed after leaving. 

These changes are small, but major when it comes to preventing the spread of illness. The more meticulous Color Factory is in maintaining a safe exhibit, the more we can guarantee the safety of others. 

How has COVID-19 restrictions affected our guest capacity? 

By limiting hours and ticket availability, we’ve been able to control the flow of the exhibit in an effort to maintain distance. Strict timed-ticket entry controls the amount of people entering at one time while also creating a more comfortable experience for guests. Separate entrances and exits limit potential interaction between the guests. The reassurance that our guests are around a limited amount of people guarantees distance and comfort. 

Our employees have installed UV lights throughout our Houston location to help purify the air and kill bacteria.

What are our employees doing to help? 

When it comes to maintaining the highest degree of safety, we know how important it is to take the time to educate not only our guests, but our employees as well. Implementing training for our employees to better understand what it means to safely guide guests through the venue has been a crucial part of helping out guests, (and employees!) feel safe. 

Wellness scans are administered before each shift as well as temperature checks, and any employee is asked to stay home if they’re feeling sick. Employees are required to wear masks at all times, with no exceptions. We’ve given all our employees Color Factory masks so they can do so while still having fun- the mask is an added pop of color! 

Why are we taking these precautions?

We love color, and we know you love color too! We want us to be able to enjoy the Color Factory experience as much as possible, so we take these precautions seriously. We value your safety (along with the safety of our employees!) above all, and know we’ll all be together soon if we keep doing our part as much as possible! 

Mask up! 

Lastly, our crucial policy states, “Masks must be worn by guests at all times in the venue and may not be removed for any reason”. When it comes down to it- YOU are the most necessary part of our safety. Wearing a mask will help in keeping both you and those around you safe. 

Keep it up! 

As we continue to progress towards a more “normal” everyday life, we encourage all visitors to follow these guidelines. Over the last year, we’ve watched so many experiences be taken away from us. Color Factory is committed to bringing the best experience possible to you, and we can only do that if we keep our COVID protocols together. Don’t forget, we can’t do it without our guests doing their part! 

*For more information on our COVID-19 protocols, visit our website, or follow us on Instagram.

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