Everything You Need To Know About Our Celebration Room in Houston!

This summer, Color Factory launched a brand new room in Houston… the Celebration Room! This special event venue is the perfect place for hosting birthday parties, graduation parties, work offsites, and MORE. Between our confetti room, giant ball pit, and treats – any event you host at Color Factory is sure to be MEMORABLE.  

The Celebration Room is the perfect ending to your group celebration at Color Factory!

Located right off our grand finale (the ball pit!), this special venue is ready to go when you arrive. Tinsel covers the walls along with large-scale colorful dots (and the classic Color Factory smiley face logo)! There are four large tables and chairs for up to 27 guests.  You’ll have access to a refrigerator to store cake (or other treats!) during your visit.  AND, there’s even a letterboard that can be customized with ANY special message you’d like! 

Our letterboard can be customized with any message you’d like!

READY TO BOOK? Here’s what else you need to know: 

  1. Our Celebration Room is free-of-cost for ONE hour with the purchase of 10 tickets and can be booked through events@colorfactory.co. Parties smaller than 10 may book the room for $100/hr. (Each additional hour rental is $100 and must be booked in advance.) 
  2. The room is at the END of the experience, so we recommend booking your Color Factory tickets for 1 hour before your scheduled time in the birthday room. Your group must stay together while going through the experience. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a guardian throughout the venue at all times. 
  3. In booking the room, you will receive a total of 1 hour of access with your guests. If you are late or delayed, it will reduce your reserved time in the Celebration Room. 
  4. Everyone who attends the party must have a valid Color Factory ticket. Additional, last minute tickets can be accommodated if needed, as long as your group doesn’t exceed 27.  
  5. 1-2 adults will be allowed into the space in advance (1.5 hours before your reserved time) to set up for the party. During this time, children cannot be left unattended. To load/unload, you can use the employee park lot and entrance/elevator to bring supplies up to the Celebration Room. 
  6. Any food must arrive with guests (the Color Factory team is not responsible for coordinating food deliveries). We recommend simple catering (cake, cupcakes, sandwiches, pizza, etc.) We have limited freezer and fridge space to store your food until guests reach the Celebration Room. All food must be disposed of or taken when the celebration is over. 
  7. You are allowed to bring tabletop decor and balloons. No adhesive can be used on walls or tables. 
  8. Any damages to the room during your celebration will be subject to additional fees.

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