Get to Know a Color Factor Employee: Sydney, HR Manager

We sat down with Sydney, Human Resources Manager at Color Factory, to give you a bit of insight into a day in the life of one of the many people helping make Color Factory all it is! Follow along to learn a bit more about Sydney…

Sydney visiting our Houston Lobby

Hey Sydney! Tell us a little bit about yourself (who you are, hobbies + interests, anything!) 

Sydney: I am a wife and mother of one.  You can always find me reading a book on one of my devices and love to travel. I love history and am fascinated with the Kennedy family.

Those are great hobbies! Can we hear a little bit about your job and what you do everyday?

Sydney: I handle the day-to-day administration of all things HR such as employee relations, benefits, systems support, onboarding, etc.  No day is the same and makes my work interesting.

Sydney visiting “Through Rose-colored Glasses” in Houston

Very cool. With Color Factory, I bet most people don’t think about the administrative side and all that goes into taking care of our employees! How did you first hear about Color Factory? 

Sydney: I first heard of Color Factory from my daughter because she wanted to visit with her friends.  Shortly after, I saw a posting for a HR Manager and said “why not?”!  I was actually hired virtually and a year later, I still haven’t met my boss in person.

Hopefully you’ll get to meet your boss ASAP! What interests you about HR? 

Sydney: I actually thought I wanted to be an accountant but realized I like people more than numbers when in college.  

That’s awesome. Well, we’re definitely happy you chose HR. What’s your FAVORITE part of your job? 

Sydney: Of all the aspects of HR, benefits administration is my favorite.  Reviewing trends and benefits options just warms my blood.

Last, (but definitely NOT least), what’s your favorite color? 

Sydney: My favorite color is probably green. Green is said to represent tranquility, good luck and health and I strive for that in life. Plus it looks good with my complexion!

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