Meet Tony: Our Regional Manager of Technical Operations

Here at Color Factory, no two employees are the same. We want to take some time to highlight a few of our employees over the next couple months so you can get an inside look at daily life at COLOR FACTORY. Today we’re interviewing Tony Seibert, our Regional Manager of Technical Operations! Let’s see what he says…

Hey Tony! What do you do all day? 

I maintain all our installations, room components, inventory, and venue functionality – for each CF location. FOR EXAMPLE: emptying and refilling the entire ball pit during our refreshes or working with our camera companies to maintain all our photo booth systems. No two days are the same for me, there’s always some form of creative problem solving or thinking outside of the box that I have to do to get my job done and to make sure the Color Factory experience is as magical as it can be. 

That’s a big job! Do you travel to our different locations?

Before COVID I often traveled between locations on a monthly basis to check in on things. However, like many of us, I have been working mostly remotely for the past few months but can’t wait to start visiting Color Factory locations again once it’s safer to travel. I miss my Color Factory fam! 

How did you first hear about Color Factory? 

I discovered Color Factory while searching for a job fresh out of art school. Once I applied, I did some research on the company and immediately knew that I wanted to be part of what Color Factory does. 

What’s the messiest thing that’s happened to you at Color Factory? 

Once, on the dance floor in NYC, the keg of raspberry soda exploded and caked my glasses so much that all I could see was hot pink! The soda has real raspberries in it, so the thick mixture was EVERYWHERE.

What’s your favorite place to eat near our locations? 

In NYC: Dig Inn.

In Houston: Slow Pokes, across the street from Levy Park (one of our map stops).

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I have 35 tattoos! My favorite is an orange – since it’s one of my favorite colors, favorite fruits and, I grew up in Florida. Every time I glance down at it I am reminded of home. 

What’s your favorite color? 

This is such a tough question! If I had to narrow it down to one color, I’d say bright yellow. It makes me think of the feeling of warm sun on my face. I also tend to use a lot of yellow in my artwork!

What are your favorite exhibits in each location? Why? 

In NYC: Hall of Buttons! I think the Hall of Buttons is the perfect entrance to Color Factory as it really feels like a transformative experience as you walk from one end to the other, from the real world into the special world of Color Factory. 

In Houston: You Are Magic! You can’t help but feel overjoyed in this room as it revs up and the lights start to flicker around you, it feels like you’re taking off into another universe. 

We appreciate everything each of our employees do, and love our diverse, fun, and color-filled team! Keep an eye out for more employee interviews, and if you want to be a part of our team, click here! 


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