Beautiful, one-of-a kind art experiences that inspire joy and delight - all through the lens of color.

Within each Color Factory location, visitors are invited to experience the joy of color through interactive installations, immersive rooms, and carefully curated moments. Color Factory collaborates with artists, art institutions, nonprofits, and brand partners to tell compelling stories that make life just a little more joyful.

Group 69@2x

Lift your holiday spirits at WINTER COLORLAND! Grab your sleds, goggles and parkas and slide into some winter whimsy at ALL THREE Color Factory locations beginning November 17th! Spend a day filled with seasonal treats, brand new photo opportunities and installations, PLUS a ski lift through our confetti snow storm. We’ll see you on the slopes! 


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So much fun! I didn’t expect to have such a good time, at first I was a little worried it wouldn’t be worth the money. I was way wrong! Each room had a little take away to go with the experience, super cute and not an additional add on. They had photo opportunities with great cameras, all photos were sent immediately to my email after the experience! 10/10 would recommend to anyone!

Kayla, Houston,

A very satisfying and memorable experience! Myriad of activities exploring depths and nuances of color. Most recommended to go with a group of good friends who operate on similar wave length and certainly take your own time to explore each well designed exhibits with happy mood. Many treats were given along the way. We still remember the great times vividly weeks later.

Lily, NYC,

The experience was great overall. Their team is very attentive to cleaning every surface as each group leaves each room. Very fun interactive and different things to experience in each room. Definitely would recommend the Color Factory for all ages.

Sherida, NYC,


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