So... what is color factory?

Color Factory is an experiential art exhibit inspired by the joy of color. Launched in San Francisco in 2017 by a team of artists and creatives, Color Factory creates meaningful and immersive color experiences for all. While the company has since grown and expanded, the core elements remain the same: Color Factory embraces child-like imagination, while expanding boundaries of perception and understanding.

In August 2018, a whole new palette came to New York City in SoHo’s Hudson Square neighborhood. In 20,000 square feet, we feature brand-new participatory installations of colors we’ve collected around the city— hues that invite curiosity, discovery and play. Some of our favorite artists, creatives, designers and makers are teaming up with us to tell their unique color stories and engage all of your senses in unexpected ways.

We hope that the palette and projects offered within Color Factory will connect you to the colorful moments around New York and in your own daily life.

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Artists and Collaborators

Color Factory collaborates with an incredibly talented roster of artists, illustrators, designers and makers, local food vendors and non-profits. Here are just a handful of the brilliant people involved in bringing you Color Factory NYC:

New York City

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A special thank you to our sponsors, who helped make it possible for us to create a few of the special experiences at Color Factory NYC:

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